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K2HASH (NoSQL Key Value Store(KVS) library) is a key-value store(NoSQL) with original featured function.
K2HASH creates a database as NoSQL. K2HASH uses it for storing and getting a value for a key by the hash which is built from the key.

Reasons why K2HASH is necessary

The KVS(NoSQL) is very effective in storing a simple key-value which does not affect each other. For example, it is used on Web services.
We needed systems and libraries which can handle from small scale data to large scale data.
Especially, we needed common library as KVS and it had to work as a part to make another systems.
And we expected it could give us the low costs for development and maintenance.
Finally, we thought that we should develop new KVS library which could provide various requests like high performance and large data size etc.

Thus, K2HASH is new key-value store library for handling lots of key, large data size, high performance and many original function.

TOP Feature